Report on my trip to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Senator McCaskill

From: “Senator Claire McCaskill”
Subject: Report on my trip to Afghanistan and Pakistan
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 10:30:00 -0500

____ Dear Friend, * * Washington has a way
of isolating itself from tough decisions and difficult situations. But our country didn’t become a superpower by taking the easy road. I recently returned from an intense and productive trip to
Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kuwait, India and NATO headquarters. Many
others who take this trip have stayed in the U.S. embassies and
capital cities. But what would I learn if I stayed in the embassies? That’s why during my trip last week, I got off the beaten path, going
into northern Afghanistan to meet with local leaders and heading out
to Lahore, Pakistan, to meet with local Pakistanis there. These meetings gave me different perspectives on America’s role in the
region and our path to success in the war on terror. It also was
helpful in giving me additional insight on making sure we protect our
troops and save taxpayer dollars on wasteful contracting. Best of all, amid all of the meetings, I got to visit with our heroic
men and women in uniform serving our nation in harm’s way. I spoke
with troops to thank them for their service and
sacrifice and to make sure they have what they need to be safe and
successful. *You can see the itinerary and view some pictures from my trip here.
* The threat of terrorism is real and, in large part, it originated in
the region I visited. America’s goal in Afghanistan is to eliminate
terrorists, the Taliban, which has supported them, and any ability for
terrorists to organize attacks against the United States. I wanted to see first hand if we are making progress in defeating the
forces of evil who want to harm our American way of life. We are
making progress but much work remains to be done. I’ll continue
working to keep us moving in the right direction. Read more about the trip now: *
* All the best, Claire

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