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Sent: Friday, March 05, 2010 12:33 PM
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Dear Daniel,

I have been standing up to the Republicans, Fox News, and the health insurance companies for trying to block real health care reform throughout this entire debate. They tried to silence us, but we refuse to be ignored. Supporters from all across the online community heard our call to action and have joined the fight.

I am so thankful to have you standing beside me as we call for a vote for the public option, once and for all. 2,500 of you have even chosen to stand with me by making a contribution. Thank you all so much.

Today, I wrote an op-ed piece for Politico asking the question on all of our minds: why did the public option fall off the table?

Click here to read about our movement for the public option and real health care reform in my Politico op-ed today.

We know Kristin shot J.R. We know Maggie shot Mr. Burns. Heck, we even know that Colonel Mustard did it with a rope in the study. At the end of all these whodunits is the “aha” moment.

The only way to know whether the public option can succeed is to put it to a vote in the Senate.  I need your help to keep the pressure on those that are holding this vote hostage.




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