Fw: My dad, Alan Grayson

Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 11:49 AM

Subject: My dad, Alan Grayson

Dear Daniel:

Hi – Skye Grayson here. My Daddy is Congressman Alan Grayson. He gave me a special birthday gift to me when I was 10 years old. He told me why my name is Skye.

Before I was born, Daddy read a touching oral history about the children of American servicemen and Vietnamese mothers. These children grew up in Vietnam after 1975. They were living symbols of a hated war. Many of them were beaten and cursed, just for being who they are.

One of them was able to leave Vietnam and go to America while she was a young girl. The author asked her, “what do you like most about America?” She answered, “the sky.” He said, “why? There was a sky in Vietnam.” She replied, “I know. But I was so ashamed of myself, I never looked up.”

Like that girl, I’m the child of an American father (Congressman Daddy) and an Asian mother. On my 10th birthday, Daddy told me that he named me Skye to remind me that no matter what happens to me in life, and no matter what other people think about me, I should always have the courage to hold my head high, and look up.

And I do have that courage. Thank you, Daddy.

Best wishes,


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Paid for by Congressman Alan Grayson

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