You can fly on these Vatican virtual tours, simply awesome architecture!

Be sure to remember instructions below.

This is one of the most positive things that the internet can provide to all.

Click on the link. Once the picture opens, then click on a number. When that picture opens, right click and then select “fullscreen”. Now you will be able to use the arrows (up, down, right, left) to navigate around the room or the view in panorama. Alternatively, you can hold the left mouse button down and use the cursor to “fly” around the room. It is truly amazing.
Use your Cursor for panoramic views. Slowly! Not too fast or you’ll get dizzy.  Use Back button to get to each location.  Also the screen has a + and — for Telephoto or Wide Screen.  That’s in lower left of picture.

This is simply beautiful. Much God given talent was given to build such edifices and  create the wonderful art. Enjoy

This is simply beautiful…awesome. For those who have been fortunate enough to have visited the Vatican it is a chance to relive memories……for those whose journey is yet to be, enjoy.

INSTRUCTIONS:  After you link on the site below and select an image and it appears, then HOLD DOWN THE LEFT MOUSE BUTTON AND SLOWLY MOVE THE CURSOR AROUND THE ROOM

The most awesome thing I have ever seen on the net. The Vatican virtual tours.

Once you get the hang of it, you  can easily spend hours on this site

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