Fw: From the office of Congressman Todd Akin, Citizens United v. FEC




Dear Daniel:


Thank you for contacting me regarding the Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. FEC. I welcome the opportunity to discuss the important issue of campaign finance law and the impact this ruling has. 


Some have expressed concerns that this ruling is a giveaway to corporations and labor unions at the expense of the average citizen. While I understand the initial shock many have at the idea of outside groups freely advocating for candidates, I believe the real winners in this ruling are the voters. 


Americans are privileged to have access to nearly limitless information about a federal candidate’s qualifications, history, and stand on important issues. We rightly expect every relevant detail to be thoroughly debated and discussed in the course of a campaign so we can make informed decisions at the ballot box. By allowing more people to freely speak about these issues, the American people have greater access to information from a variety of sources. 


Disclosure, rather than dollars, is the most important aspect of campaign finance law. It must be abundantly clear to the American people who pays for advertising and who donates to candidates in our political system. I was pleased the Supreme Court upheld the disclosure requirements of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act. This information, all available on the internet, is just as important as the barriers to free speech the court struck down. 


I appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts with me. It is a privilege to represent you. Please visit my website, where you can find more information on current issues, share further thoughts with me via email and subscribe to my e-newsletter for updates on issues you care about. If you have further questions regarding these or other issues facing our nation, please feel free to contact my office.



Todd Akin
Member of Congress

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