Thank you for speaking out on offshore drilling…

Date: Mon, 10 May 2010 16:48:45 -0500
Subject: Thank you for speaking out on offshore drilling…


Save Sea Turtles - Defenders of Wildlife
Dear Daniel,
Thank you for speaking out for a clean climate bill and against against expanded dirty drilling off our coasts. With your help, we’re protecting America’s imperiled sea turtles, polar bears and other wildlife and advancing cleaner, more responsible solutions to climate change and America’s energy needs.

If you would like to do more to help, please forward the message below to at least 3 friends.

Thanks for all you do…

Rodger and the rest of the Defenders team

— Please Forward the Message Below —

Save Sea Turtles
& Polar Bears

 Sea Turtle and Polar Bears

Big Oil’s lobbyists are working to deep-six legislation to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels by insisting on more dangerous offshore drilling.

Urge your senators to pass comprehensive legislation to address climate change and reject Big Oil’s call for more offshore drilling.

Save Sea Turtles and Polar bears

The next 72 hours are key. Please help us send at least 45,000 messages to the senate by
5 PM Wednesday.

Dear Friend,
Offshore oil drilling in the Gulf threatens the survival of endangered sea turtles, while in Alaska it further imperils threatened polar bears. In both places climate change is robbing these imperiled animals of the vital habitat they need to survive.

Urge your Senator to address these threats… and save America’s sea turtles and polar bears from extinction.

As soon as Wednesday, Senators John Kerry and Joe Lieberman are expected to announce legislation to address the impacts of climate change and move America toward a new energy future.

Unfortunately, Big Oil’s high-paid lobbyists are swarming Capitol Hill, enlisting allies in the Senate to sink this important legislation by attaching dangerous offshore drilling provisions to the bill.

Don’t let them get away with it. Urge your senators to stand up for a clean climate bill and a clean energy future, and to reject more offshore oil drilling that threatens our coasts and our wildlife.

The ongoing offshore oil crisis in the Gulf – and its potentially devastating effects on nesting sea turtles, endangered sperm whales and other wildlife makes two points abundantly clear:

  1. Offshore drilling for oil and gas is a dangerous, dirty proposition; and
  2. Our nation must reduce its dangerous dependence on fossil fuels now.

America can meet these challenges head-on by passing comprehensive legislation to address climate change and move America towards a cleaner energy future… but your senators need to hear from you today!

Unless we address climate change and reduce fossil fuel emissions, sea levels will continue to rise, submerging vital nesting grounds for imperiled turtles. Sea ice in the Arctic will continue to disappear, causing more polar bears to starve and drown.
And if Big Oil is successful in its drive to industrialize our coasts, we’ll see more carbon pollution, more climate change — and of course more devastating oil spills.

Send a message to senators now and urge them to say “Yes!” to comprehensive legislation to address climate change and “No!” to more dangerous offshore drilling.

The next 72 hours will be key to shaping the debate on this important legislation. Please take action now.

For the Wild Ones,

Rodger Schlickeisen Rodger Schlickeisen, President Signature
Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife

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