Help Fight Back for our Seniors


I received the below email today and thought you might find it interesting.  Also you can download a great brochure on how the new health care law affects seniors here:

Thank you and share this message with anyone else you think would like to learn the facts.

Dear Supporter:

The Republicans in Congress are attacking the new health care law and their key strategy is to lie about it.[1]  How do we fight back?  By telling the truth about the concrete ways the new law improves people’s lives.

Yesterday thousands of seniors gathered with President Obama to participate in a national tele-townhall in Wheaton, Maryland to combat the fraud and misinformation being spread about health reform.[2]

Click here to forward this email to 5 people you know so they can learn the facts.

The truth is that the new law strengthens the financial health of Medicare and reduces unwarranted subsidies that have lined the pockets of insurance company CEOs and Wall Street big wigs.  The truth is that it gives seniors more control over their health care and they will save thousands of dollars by closing the Medicare "donut hole," including the $250 rebate checks mailed this month.[3]

Click here to download a great fact sheet about closing the prescription drug coverage gap and to send it to 5 people you know.

The insurance industry lobbyists and their Republican lackeys are spreading lies about reform to hijack it and interfere with its implementation.[4]  We can never let that happen.

We must fight back! Click here to forward this email to 5 seniors so they can know the truth.

In Solidarity,

Melinda Gibson
Health Care for America Now

1. Boehner Ridicules Obama’s Healthcare Town Hall as PR Gimmick —

2. The Affordable Care Act: Strengthening Medicare, Combating Misinformation and Protecting America’s Senior —

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4. Health Insurance Companies Spent Millions to Fight Reform in First Quarter —

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