Job Opening: Social Media Maven

Sent: July 29, 2010 07:22 PM 
Subject: Job Opening: Social Media Maven

Fix Congress First


Change Congress is hiring A SOCIAL MEDIA MAVEN (aka, “Maven”)(logo in the works).

Maven will be charged with cultivating Change Congress’s social media community. Using whatever tools make sense, s/he will drive messaging and activity to grow the community of activists eager to wrench fundamental change in DC.


Endless social media (blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.) experience;

  • Endless passion for the cause of fundamental change;
  • Endless energy to leverage the political events of the moment into a continuing narrative about why fundamental change is necessary.


    Working with sister organizations, you will feed the community regularly and well, with messaging around news events, candidates, organizations, and activism connected to the cause of changing Congress, as well as petitions where appropriate;

  • Working with researchers, you will identify stories relevant to the cause, and feed the community with those stories;
  • Working with leaders from the reform community, you will feed the Change Congress blog, either with your own content, or with invited content;
  • Working with your own imagination, you will plot strategies for driving energy to this movement;
  • In 10 years time, you will be thought of as the one person who understood how social media could change the world, because you will have changed the world using social media. (How management will assess this requirement is still under review.)

    This position is currently part-time, though it will grow with demonstrated success. We will agree on a regular level of output, and on targets to measure success. You will be wildly underpaid given the work you’re doing (saving democracy), but you’ll feel very good about it.

    Please, only qualified, serious candidates need apply. Submit your resume to Include 2-3 paragraphs or a link to a YouTube video (joke) (maybe) telling us why you would be perfect for this job.

    And if you’re not the perfect person, please pass this along to that person.


    Larry Lessig

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