Conway Fight Fund moneybomb.


I want to thank everyone who contributed during our Conway Fight Fund moneybomb.

Together we raised over $300,000 yesterday — more than $40,000 greater than our original goal! We shattered our goal, out-raising Rand Paul’s latest moneybomb.

Just now, CNN/Time released a new poll showing us tied with Rand Paul, 46-46, so the grassroots support on each side could prove decisive. I’ll also be on the Ed Show on MSNBC at 6:00 p.m. EDT today to discuss our campaign’s momentum and where we go from here.

I asked our team here to put together a quick video expressing my special thanks to our moneybomb donors. Check it out here:

Click here to watch the Thank You video

Thousands of people from all over the country contributed to get involved in beating Rand Paul. Bloggers wrote posts to help us out. Progressive groups and their members chipped in to join the fight.

In short, it felt like the whole nationwide progressive community came out to get our back, and I’m not exaggerating when I say it really honors me to have that kind of support.

So even though our moneybomb may be over, we’re not closing the Conway Fight Fund anytime soon.

If you missed your chance to contribute during our September 7th moneybomb — or you’d just like to contribute now — we will continue accepting contributions at

I hope I can count on your support this fall,

Jack Conway


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