Get in the game, Daniel

Sent: September 21, 2010 06:32 PM
Subject: Get in the game, Daniel

Organizing for America
Daniel —

We’re six weeks out from the November 2nd elections — and the President is fired up.

Last night he recorded this video message for OFA supporters:

Watch the video from the President.

Thousands of you have already answered the President’s call to donate, volunteer, and commit to vote — but it’s going to take all of us to stay aggressive over the next six weeks.

And, as the President said, the stakes this year are incredibly high.

Corporate interests are spending millions to make sure their Republican allies take control in the House and Senate — and their vision for America could not be further from ours.

Whether it’s health insurance reform, Wall Street reform, civil rights, or Social Security, Republicans are promising to repeal our historic victories, and then take us back to policies that favor corporate interests over middle-class families, and profits over people.

But this election belongs to us — not special interests. And we’ve proved them wrong before.

We did it by volunteering, chipping in what we could, and talking to more voters than any campaign in history. We have to do it again this year.

The President is taking this message across the country, but he can’t do it alone. Let’s show him he has our support.

Watch the video:

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