Big filibuster win

Sent: September 30, 2010 08:53 AM
Subject: Big filibuster win



Last month, 21,000 Kossacks signed a petition asking all Democrats to support changing Senate rules with 51 votes. Along with our allies, we took that petition to Capitol Hill, and to Democratic campaigns. What we found is a big win: not a single Democrat who will be in the Senate next year is outright opposed to changing Senate rules. Even Ben Nelson isn’t a clear “no” anymore (seriously).

Two months ago, filibuster reform was declared dead because it lacked the votes. We have momentum now because you spoke up. On our end, it took hard work in the form of dozens of meetings with advocacy organizations and Capitol Hill staff to educate them on the issue. Reform of any sort, even filibuster reform, doesn’t happen without leaders putting their boots on the ground.

Our own David Waldman (Kagro X) is one of these leaders. He started this campaign 18 months ago, and it never would have gotten anywhere without him. For years, he has been the nation’s preeminent public voice on Senate procedure. Now, he is at the center of the emerging coalition of labor, civil rights, environmental, and netroots organizations that are working together on Capitol Hill to reform the filibuster.

As much as anyone, David helped make the campaign to reform the filibuster a reality. With three months left in this fight, he needs your help to keep up his excellent work. Progressive Congress has found a donor who pledged $5,000 to support David’s work over the next three months, but only if members of the Daily Kos community can match that with another $5,000.

To meet that goal, Daily Kos needs your contribution of $10 to keep up the momentum and support David’s work to reform the filibuster. You can contribute directly to Daily Kos on the Orange to Blue page, where every candidate supports reforming the filibuster.

Even if Democrats keep Congress, there won’t be any victory in November unless we fix the filibuster in January. We can’t do that unless there are leaders like David Waldman on the ground, in DC, working on the issue. Your $10 contribution to Daily Kos will make sure David is able to keep going.

Keep fighting,
Markos Moulitsas, Daily Kos

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