Closest Election Ever? YOU Decide!

Sent: October 23, 2010 11:33 AM
Subject: Closest Election Ever? YOU Decide!

Dear Daniel,

Today’s Newsweek Poll brings great news, including a 48%-42% lead for Democrats: Obama Approval Rating Jumps, Democrats Close ‘Enthusiasm Gap.’

But individual races are nailbiters, suggesting this may be the closest election ever. Here’s a sampling of recent polls:

CA-Sen: 48% Boxer (D), 46% Fiorina (R) (Rasmussen 10/21)
CO-Gov: 44% Hickenlooper (D), 43% Tancredo (C), 9% Maes (R) (Magellan 10/20)
FL-Gov: 45% Sink (D), 45% Scott (R) (Sunshine State News 10/20)
IL-Gov: 42% Brady (R), 41% Quinn (D) (PPP 10/16)
KY-Sen: 48% Paul (R), 43% Conway (D) (Mason-Dixon 10/18-19)
MN-Gov: 44% Dayton (D), 41% Emmer (R), 10% Horner (I) (Rasmussen 10/20)
OH-Gov: 48% Strickland (D), 47% Kasich (R) (CNN/Time 10/15-19)
PA-Gov: 49% Corbett (R), 44% Onorato (D) (Quinnipiac 10/13-17)
PA-Sen: 43% Sestak (D), 43% Toomey (R) (Muhlenberg 10/21)

These races are virtual ties. That means your vote – and the votes of your family and friends – can absolutely make the difference. As they say on FOX, you decide.

1. Did you vote yet?

Most states allow absentee, vote-by-mail, and in-person early voting. Reports show Democrats are leading in early voting!

You can see the early voting calendar at-a-glance and detailed rules state-by-state. The Democratic Party will walk you through your state’s rules and polling place locations at

Don’t know who to vote for? If the new generation of Teaparty Republicans makes you scream, vote straight Democratic to say No Teaparty Extremism. If your TV, radio, and mailbox are overflowing with corporate-funded smears, vote straight Democratic to say No Corporate Slavery.

If you want to know who’s really worth supporting, read local Voter Guides created by activists like you at You can also get invaluable information about complex ballot measures. Billy Wimsatt and Van Jones are fired up about this terrific project.

2. Did you persuade friends and relatives to vote?

You’ve seen Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Joe Biden working their hearts out to keep Democrats in office. But did you know endorsements from family and friends are more persuasive than Presidents?

That’s why we built a unique Facebook tool called VoteDem. With a few clicks, you can tell all your Facebook friends why you’re voting Democratic and why they should too. has a Commit to Vote Challenge. You can change your avatar to your top issue at VotingFor. Or you can add a Vote2010 twibbon to your regular avatar.

And you can write your own inspirational GOTV message and post it on your Facebook page or blog and email it to all your friends.

3. Can you call a few key undecided strangers?

Democrats and progressives have become really good at finding undecided voters in key swing states so volunteers can call them and persuade them personally. Choose your favorite:

Barack Obama

  • Call Out The Vote (DFA/PCCC)
  • Democratic National Committee
  • Moveon
  • One Nation Working Together
  • Progressive Democrats of America

    This could be the closest election ever, and every vote will absolutely count. That means you can make all the difference in the world.

    Thanks for all you do!

    Bob Fertik

    p.s. Please share your thoughts in our new blog:

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