Let’s Beat the Billionaires – Vote Straight Democratic

Sent: November 01, 2010 10:16 AM
Subject: Let’s Beat the Billionaires – Vote Straight Democratic

Dear Daniel,

A handful of powerful rightwing billionaires are trying to buy Congress. Who will stop them?

The Corporate Media won’t. The most powerful man in Corporate Media – FOX chairman Rupert Murdoch (right) – is also the most powerful rightwing billionaire. First he turned FOX into 24x7x365 rightwing Republican propaganda. Then he hired the top Republicans like Karl Rove and Sarah Palin as “analysts.” Then he used his hosts to raise millions for Republicans, both on-air and at their fundraisers. Then he gave millions directly to Republicans, both from his corporation and from his own pocket.

What about the rest of the Corporate Media? Last week ABC hired Andrew Breitbart – the video liar most infamous for the vicious Shirley Sherrod and ACORN smears – for Election Night coverage. Not one single “journalist” at ABC objected.

The only exceptions are NBC’s evening hosts – especially Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann, and Rachel Maddow – who are doing their best to sound the alarm. But their heroic efforts are undermined every morning by Joe Scarborough, the Republican ex-Congressman who single-handedly championed the anti-Kerry Swift Boat liars in 2004.

So if the Media won’t stop the billionaires, who will?

Look in the mirror. It’s up to us – only us – and every single one of us. And here’s what we must do.

1. Vote a Straight Democratic Ticket

If you don’t want rightwing billionaires to own our government, vote Democratic.

If you want billionaires and corporations to pay taxes, vote Democratic.

If you want a decent job with decent wages – not corporate slavery – vote Democratic.

If you want Social Security, Medicare, public education, and environmental protection to survive, vote Democratic.

If you don’t want rightwing thugs to stomp on your head at a political rally, vote Democratic.

If you don’t want a woman’s body to become the property of the Republican Paty, vote Democratic.

If you want campaign finance reform that gets billionaires and corporations out of politics altogether, vote Democratic.

If you want Truth, Justice, and the American Way, don’t wait for Superman – vote Democratic.

(If you want to know which Democratic candidates will fight hardest for us – and how to vote on complex ballot questions – read local Voter Guides created by progressive activists like you: http://theballot.org )

2. Persuade friends and relatives to vote Democratic

You’ve seen Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Joe Biden working their hearts out to keep Democrats in office. But did you know endorsements from family and friends are more persuasive than Presidents?

That’s why we built a unique Facebook tool called VoteDem. With a few clicks, you can tell all your Facebook friends why you’re voting Democratic and why they should too. BarackObama.com has a Commit to Vote Challenge. You can change your avatar to your top issue at VotingFor. Or you can add a Vote2010 twibbon to your regular avatar.

And you can write your own inspirational GOTV message and post it on your Facebook page or blog and email it to all your friends.

3. Call a few key undecided strangers
to vote Democratic

Democrats and progressives have become really good at finding undecided voters in key swing states so volunteers can call them and persuade them personally. Choose your favorite:

Barack Obama

  • Call Out The Vote (DFA/PCCC)
  • Democratic National Committee
  • Moveon
  • One Nation Working Together
  • Progressive Democrats of America

    Rightwing billionaires will not be voting Democratic. But there are 300 million more of us than there are of them. So let’s work hard for the next 24 hours and beat them!

    Bob Fertik

    p.s. Please share your thoughts in our new blog:

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