A few thoughts, if anyone cares.

A few thoughts, if anyone cares.
I too am disappointed in the results of Tuesday’s election, and in the apparent stupidity of a large portion of the electorate, plus the lack of citizenship of the 14,000,000 young voters who stayed home with their X-boxes.
However, I also recognize that it was an almost foregone conclusion due to the incessant lies in the ads that permeated the airwaves, and the obstinate obstructionist acts by the Rethugs in both houses that made the Democratic efforts that did succeed seem criminal and the ones that didn’t seem like they weren’t trying. Add the fact we had assholes like Joe LIEberman and Ben Nelson, et al. turning their backs on us at every turn, it’s not surprising we seemed ineffectual.
So, while I’m disappointed, I also know it wasn’t completely for a lack of trying. In the coming 112th congress, I don’t see anything but the R’s doing the same they’ve been doing and worse, so our job is to publicize everything they do that’s detrimental to the country and pound them constantly to move us forward!


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