PolitiFact: Announcing our new GOP-O-Meter!


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Help us build our new GOP-O-Meter!

If you’re a regular PolitiFact reader, you know that we love meters.

Our Truth-O-Meter is a useful way to summarize complicated fact-checking in a concise ruling. Our Obameter takes the same approach to track  President Obama’s 500-plus campaign promises.

During the 2010 campaign, Republicans made lots of promises that deserve similar scrutiny, so we’ll soon be launching a new meter to rate them. We’d like your help in creating it.

As we explain in this article, we’d like your suggestions about GOP promises that we should check. We’d also like your ideas about what to call the new feature, which we’ll launch in a few weeks. The GOP-O-Meter? The Boehner-O-Meter? (We’d like to get “meter” in the name.)

Send your ideas to the e-mail address in that article. If we use your name, we’ll send you some PolitiFact swag.

Meanwhile, make sure you check out our latest Truth-O-Meter item. We fact-checked Rep. Michele Bachmann’s claim that President Obama’s upcoming trip to India will cost taxpayers $200 million a day.





— Bill Adair
Editor, PolitiFact.com
Washington Bureau Chief
St. Petersburg Times


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