The Price at the Pump, from a republican Senator (Mo)

From: Roy Blunt
Sent: March 08, 2011 01:35 PM
Subject: The Price at the Pump


Dear Friend,


You’ve seen it on the way to work and as you drop your kids at school. Gas prices are skyrocketing.


During the last month, fuel costs have increased by almost 40 percent – threatening our already weak national economy. Families in Missouri and across America are having a harder time filling up their cars, and small business owners are unable to hire new workers thanks to these increasingly expensive energy costs.


I believe we have a responsibility to work together to solve this crisis, which is why I’m introducing the Gas Accessibility and Stabilization (GAS) Act today.


My bill will help simplify the types of gasoline used in our country, making the fuel supply system more efficient, affordable, and reliable. Current mandates require special blends of gas be used in different states and even cities, often causing unexpected price hikes. My bill would reduce the number of approved boutique fuels and allow communities more response flexibility in times of temporary shortage.


Ultimately, it will help stabilize and lower gas prices for you.


Of course, this is only one important step. We must continue searching for long-term, American-made energy solutions instead of relying on erratic and expensive foreign oil. That includes more conventional energy sources – like oil and natural gas – as well as alternative sources like renewable fuels and battery-powered vehicles. 


I look forward to continuing this important conversation with you online. Please log on to facebook or follow along with me on twitter to learn more about my bill and share your thoughts. 


Sincere regards,


Roy Blunt


To learn more about the GAS Act, please click here.

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