Job Opportunities for Veterans

Sent: June 14, 2011 09:29 AM
Subject: Job Opportunities for Veterans

Dear Daniel,

 With the unemployment rate around 8 percent for veterans and 12 percent for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, we wanted to pass along this great opportunity for employment for you or any other veteran you know who needs work.  Recently, the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) negotiated a collective bargaining agreement with the US Postal Service that helps ensure thousands of new job opportunities for veterans. It’s just another example of the importance of unions for our community.  In many instances the USPS is obligated to hire veterans before civilians, provided they are on the appropriate hiring lists. We want to make sure that you have a chance to get on every list you’re interested in.

 The Postal Workers Union has put together a short tutorial to help you locate and apply for positions as they become available. Since the APWU has published its tutorial, the USPS has in fact started recruitment, so it’s very important that you look at the tutorial right away and follow the union’s advice. Each position will be listed individually and must be specifically applied for.  Each position will have a unique and often brief posting period.  Regardless of your veteran status, this is the only time the Postal Service is permitting candidates to apply, so conducting daily job searches will be key to securing employment.

 Following the steps laid out in the link below will help you avoid missing any employment opportunities. If you don’t find a position in your area it is equally important not to get discouraged and to continue conducting frequent searches – the union anticipates hiring will be sporadic at times but expects opportunities to continually occur.


 More information will be made available at the Postal Workers’ website – – and you can contact them with any questions, there. We would also encourage unemployed veterans to visit – the federal government’s official jobs site to seek additional employment opportunities.

 I hope this information is useful.  We’ll send any more notices like these as we get them, so encourage any other veterans you know to sign up at to get the latest.

Ashwin Madia
Iraq War Veteran
Interim Chairman,



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