Wait Until This Hits Walmart

March 4, 2012

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What you see are not see thru skirts. They are actually prints on the skirts to make it look as if the panties are visible.They are the current rage in Japan !




I forward this as a public service, so you won’t have a heart attack when this hitsYour local Wal-Mart.






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Fw: Skyrocketing Gas Prices: from the lying @RoyBlunt

February 27, 2012

Sent: February 27, 2012 10:46 AM
Subject: Re: Skyrocketing Gas Prices

You sir, are a liar, oil speculation is driving gas prices and there is more domestic oil production now than before and the tar sands pipeline will only create 6500 temporary jobs.

Sent: February 27, 2012 10:30 AM

Subject: Skyrocketing Gas Prices

Comments about the KKK are not OK

February 24, 2012
In a speech at Lindwood University, Rex Sinquefield suggested that public schools are a conspiracy of the Ku Klux Klan. Rex Sinquefield wields significant influence in the Missouri state legislature and we need your help to let legislators know that his comments about the KKK are not OK. Watch this video and sign this petition!

As the deadline nears for health insurance companies to return nearly $1.4 billion to us for wasting our money, the lobbyists have moved in to stop it.

February 21, 2012
Consumers Union, Policy & Action from Consumer Reports


As the deadline nears for health insurance companies to return nearly $1.4 billion to us for wasting our money, the lobbyists have moved in to stop it. 

Two bills have surfaced in Congress to undermine our rebates, putting most of the money we deserve right back into insurance company pockets! I just took action at Consumers Union’s website to fight the lobbyists, and hope you will join me.

One of the most pro-consumer rules in the national health reform law is aimed squarely at how insurance companies spend our money. If an insurance company spends more than 20 percent of our premium dollars on their paperwork, marketing and CEO salaries, we get a rebate, or lower rates.

The deadline for the first round of rebate checks is August 1. And it’s estimated insurers owe 9 million Americans nearly $1.4 billion! But these bills in Congress would undermine that. Please add your voice now to help us fight these bills. Thank you!


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We need to send Senator Blunt a message! – Planned Parenthood

February 20, 2012


Who Caused the Mess?

February 19, 2012

I just signed up to watch a great show on Tuesday. It’s a livestream discussion about the REAL story of who broke the economy for the 99% and what we can do to fix it. It will be nationally televised and streamed online live, as a special broadcast of “The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann”. It’s Tuesday Feb 21, at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific time. I thought you’d be interested! Here’s the link to sign up to watch:

A remarkable panel of thinkers and leaders will share the real story about our economic crisis: – How corporations broke the law in their reckless pursuit of greed
– What policies made it legal for banks to gamble with the stability of the global economy
– Why so many millions were thrown out of their homes, or left to drown in underwater mortgages
– Why our government won’t act to create jobs, even though the economists who saw the crisis coming know exactly what we need to do


Look what the scumbag @RoyBlunt sent to me: Happy Anniversary!

February 17, 2012
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1st Annual Wal-mart Car show

February 6, 2012

Old Cars … “Back in the Good ole Days!”

February 4, 2012

Money Is Speech Explained – Danzinger Cartoon

February 3, 2012